Cartesi Staking Delegation Guide

Now you can stake CTSI with OmniStake! Follow this guide and start earning CTSI tokens. We are launching a promotion with 0% fees!
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How to stake*
In order to stake your CTSI, you need to have MetaMask installed. You can go to, click on “Install MetaMask”, the blue button with the fox icon on the top right corner.

You need CTSI in your Metamask wallet.
You need some ETH in your Metamask wallet. Typically, 0.03 ETH would be enough.
Go to, click on “Connect to Wallet”
Click on “Pools”
Select “OmniStake” clicking on the “Stake” icon in the actions column on the right:

6) Set the desired allowance. The allowance is the maximum number of CTSI the pool is allowed to stake for you. This number should be equal or larger that the CTSI you plan to stake. Click on “Edit” for Allowance and set a value. Approve the transaction on MetaMask. Wait for the confirmation and you should be able to see this screen

7) Now, let’s deposit your tokens to the pool! You can deposit any amount that you want as far as you have the tokens in your wallet and the amount is lower than the set allowance. Click on the “+” icon on the “Pool” row and set the desired amount. Confirm the Ethereum transaction and you should see a 6 hours countdown after your transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain.

8) After 6 hours you will to come back and do the last step: stake your tokens! Click on the “+” icon in the “Staked” row and set the desired amount. Typically, this is the total amount you deposited in the previous step.

Cha-ching! You will now earn CTSI every time a block gets mined.
How to unstake
You might want to withdraw your funds to another wallet or to an exchange. No problem! You can easily do it following the few steps below.
Click on the “-” button in the “Staked” row. Select “Full amount” or “Partial amount”. Confirm the transaction on MetaMask.

2. You might need to wait between 48 to 96 hours for the funds to be available in your pool account balance. Whenever the tokens are available, you’ll be able to click the “-” button in the “Pool” row. Confirm the amount you want to withdraw, confirm the transaction on MetaMask and you’ll be all set!!!

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** Read carefully before staking! **
1) This is a PoS system and thus, probabilistic. It can take a much longer time for you to produce blocks than the estimated average.
2) Estimated rewards can be highly variable, depending on chance and on the total amount of CTSI staked by everyone in the network
3) Read the tutorial carefully
4) You are the only responsible for your keys. If lost or hacked, we won’t be able to recover them and your token might be lost forever
5) Nothing in this guide constitute an investment advice
6) Fees and returns might change over time