Cartesi is the first OS on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Delegating (Staking) your tokens to the Omnistake Cartesi pool not only provides an opportunity to earn daily rewards without the need to run your own infrastructure but also helps secure the Cartesi Noether network and helps with decentralization and a shared ownership of the Cartesi L2 protocol.

Non-Custodial & Secure

Users are always in complete control of their funds via their private key / personal wallets. We have no control over your funds.

Flexible and Transparent

We operate public staking pools, easily identifiable on the Cartesi explorer and open to everyone. No minimum stake required.

Optimal Rewards

Our 99.99% availability ensures that our staking users get the best portfolio performance.

Looking to stake more than 500,000 CTSI?
Omnistake's white glove service is the best solution for institutional investors!

    Staking Delegation Instructions

    How to stake
    • 1.
    • 2.
      You need CTSI in your Metamask wallet.
    • 3.
      You need some ETH in your Metamask wallet. Typically, 0.03 ETH would be enough.
    • 4.
      Go to the Cartesi Explorer, click on “Connect to Wallet”
    • 5.
      Click on Pools
    • 6.
      Select OmniStake clicking on the Stake icon in the actions column on the right
    • 7.
      Set the desired allowance. The allowance is the maximum number of CTSI the pool is allowed to stake for you. This number should be equal or larger that the CTSI you plan to stake. Click on “Edit” for Allowance and set a value. Approve the transaction on MetaMask. Wait for the confirmation and you should be able to see this screen
    • 8.
      Now, let’s deposit your tokens to the pool! You can deposit any amount that you want as far as you have the tokens in your wallet and the amount is lower than the set allowance. Click on the “+” icon on the “Pool” row and set the desired amount. Confirm the Ethereum transaction and you should see a 6 hours countdown after your transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain.
    • 9.
      After 6 hours you will to come back and do the last step: stake your tokens! Click on the “+” icon in the “Staked” row and set the desired amount. Typically, this is the total amount you deposited in the previous step
    • 10.
      Cha-ching! You will now earn CTSI every time a block gets mined

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    How to unstake
    • 1.
      Click on the “-” button in the “Staked” row. Select “Full amount” or “Partial amount”. Confirm the transaction on MetaMask.
    • 2.
      You might need to wait between 48 to 96 hours for the funds to be available in your pool account balance. Whenever the tokens are available, you’ll be able to click the “-” button in the “Pool” row. Confirm the amount you want to withdraw, confirm the transaction on MetaMask and you’ll be all set!!!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I buy Cartesi?

    You can buy CTSI in the main crypto exchanges: Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Binance

    Is Staking non-custodial?

    Yes, Cartesi staking is non-custodial. This means that the ownership of the tokens is secured by the Cartesi PoS smart contract and only made accessible via your private key / wallet. Omnistake or Cartesi do not have access to manage your funds.

    Is there any lockup?

    No Lockups! Unstaking does take anywhere between 48-96 hours max and you can chose to unstake all or just part of your total balance + rewards back to your own wallet.

    Is there any fee to stake?

    Omnistake’s Cartesi Pool does not charge any management fees at this time. Due to the fact that this is an Ethereum protocol, you will need to spend a bit of ETH for gas fees to interact with the delegation pool (staking/unstaking).